Promoting Independence. Empowering Independents.
A Tough Decision Made Easy.

At Packerland Brokerage Services, we understand that affiliating with a new firm is a complex decision. You will most likely log a great deal of time researching and planning, and one of the things you want most is the assurance that you’ve made the right choice.

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Support and Success

"As a woman advisor as well as being new to the business I found and continue to appreciate great support and success with Packerland. I appreciate the independence encouraged to create my own practice and unique client relationships, while having the support of a great Broker-Dealer behind me." -Julie Osladil, Financial Advisor

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The Freedom to Succeed

"I have been with Packerland Brokerage Services since 1995 and value our relationship that allows me to operate and grow my business based upon my model, not some rigid corporate structure. This is the Broker-Dealer to be with if you truly seek independence." -Steve Westenberg, Registered Representative

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Promoting Independence. Empowering Independents.

When you join Packerland Brokerage Services, you’re an independent business owner, and you truly enter into a partnership with an organization that is committed to helping you build a strong, thriving, independent practice.

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Don't Wait...

“Transferring to Packerland Brokerage Services is the best move I have made in my 24 years in the business. I only wish I had done it sooner. The service is second to none and they make you feel appreciated each time you speak with them. Don’t wait…do it today" -Dale Rhodes CFP ®, Financial Advisor

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Experience True Independence

Are you a financial advisor with another firm and open to having a discussion with a forward-thinking Broker-Dealer? You may be interested in the details about our career opportunity.

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Join Packerland

Join Packerland Brokerage

Searching for a new Broker-Dealer? Look no further. Independent financial professionals know what they want from a firm. They want a strong relationship with a professional and experienced home office, access to leading investment products and services, top industry payouts in a timely fashion, and the ability to choose the type of industry-leading technology that will help make their business a success.

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