Independently-Owned Broker Dealer


Packerland Brokerage Services was founded in 1994 to provide something lacking for financial professionals in the industry: choices. As an independently owned broker-dealer and registered investment advisor, our objective is to provide the industry essentials, expert guidance, and excellent service to financial professionals across the country while they have the freedom to make choices for their businesses, including how how to invest in them.

We believe in: Promoting Independence. Empowering Independents.


Our representatives are in love with our simple, low-cost business model because it results in a higher payout for them. Forced policies and purchases create a large overhead structure with lower commissions: this isn't how we operate! No one knows about your business as well as YOU. We have seen first-hand that businesses making their own choices and educated decisions without unnecessary limitations creates a multiplier effect for growth and success. Our representatives are our #1 priority, which is reflected in our exceptional customer service.

Business Model

Customer Service

Here's what we don't do:

  • Require representatives to purchase “extras” that wouldn’t fit their businesses
  • Weigh our representatives down with unnecessary policies
  • Provide expensive bells and whistles (non-essential services such as trust department, insurance agency, etc.)

Instead, we respect your established operations and support your independence to manage your business according to your personal style. From technology, to partners, to business submission and everything in between, you determine what YOU need, and rely on us for excellent service, essential resources, and expert guidance while enjoying low fees, minimal expenses, and a high payout.


We repeatedly hear from those transitioning that the Packerland team is personable, knowledgeable, patient, efficient, and responsive. We are proud of our satisfaction ratings and high number advisor referrals, and we know it's because of our simple business model: you make your own choices to run your business as you see fit. To learn more about your choices, visit Why Choose Us.



Packerland is dedicated to continuous education and development, both at an individual and team level. In a constantly-evolving world where technology changes almost daily, this philosophy of personal and professional growth allows our business, and yours, to thrive. We attribute this success to our unique strategy and business model of providing representatives as much freedom as possible in how they manage their independent businesses. The future is so bright (don't forget your shades)!

Our Financial Professionals


Our representatives appreciate our friendly service and flexible culture, reflected in the diverse location of our advisors nationwide. We currently serve over 300 independent financial professionals with unique businesses. As you can see, this map shows the general vicinity where each of our advisors are located.



As a privately held broker-dealer with a home office located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, we operate a profitable firm. We work for you, our advisors, and not a parent company. We are financially responsible, fiscally and legally compliant, and we work hard to foster a long-term and transparent relationship with each advisor and business we serve. 

Full-Service Solutions

We are a full-service securities broker-dealer and investment advisory firm with brokerage and third-party asset managers, and we utilize multiple advisory platforms for success, including Envestnet.


Our trusted clearing partner is Hilltop Securities, which helps financial professionals run a more efficient business while protecting and enhancing their client relationships. Hilltop’s robust trading platform, educated market insights, and proven technology solutions provide the real-time trading tools our representatives need to serve their clients.

Packerland is the first broker-dealer I have been affiliated with that supports my tax firm operations. My clients want synergy to implement their financial plans and be able to execute their tax strategies. That is what Packerland provides me: synergy with support.

James I., MSA, CFP | Packerland Representative, Tax Advisor