Promoting Independence. Empowering Independents.


"After working with three other Broker-Dealers, I have found Packerland Brokerage Services to be a breath of fresh air. Their back office support has surpassed my expectations."

Todd W.
Registered Representative

  "I have been with Packerland since 1995 and value our relationship that allows me to operate and grow my business based upon my model, not some rigid corporate structure. This is the Broker-Dealer to be with if you truly seek independence."

Steve W.
Registered Representative

“I'm so thankful I joined Packerland Brokerage Services. There is not one day that I'm sorry I made the move that I did, and the staff that you offer for my resources are fantastic. Your team has been a tremendous asset to me and instrumental in the transfer of my clients.”

Gail T. 
Registered Representative

“As a woman advisor as well as being new to the business, I found and continue to appreciate great support and success with Packerland. I appreciate the independence encouraged to create my own practice and unique client relationships, while having the support of a great Broker-Dealer behind me."

Julie O.
Registered Representative

"It seems as though I am approached on a weekly basis to change to a different Broker-Dealer…but I have zero interest in making a change! I am Rep Number 015…I’ve been here since the beginning. I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy working with Packerland Brokerage Services...they care about ME!  At another BD, I would simply be a number…at 

Packerland Brokerage Services, I am Billy V." 

William V.
Registered Representative

"The attitude at Packerland is friendly and very positive. To have office staff cheerfully recognize you by your voice is impressive and uplifting. Not many companies can relate to its associates on a first name basis and with such enthusiasm."

Edward D.
Registered Representative

"I enjoy working with Packerland because it's a hometown Broker-Dealer where you have full flexibility, and most importantly you are valued as a person."

Brian V.
Registered Representative

“Transferring to Packerland Brokerage Services Inc. is the best move I have made in my 29 years in the business. I only wish I had done it sooner. The service is second to none and they make you feel appreciated each time you speak with them. Don’t wait…do it today.”

Dale R.
Registered Representative

"I transferred to Packerland Brokerage from another firm more then 12 years ago, and it was the best move I ever made. My business focus has been on 401(k) plans, and with all the changes that have happened in that industry, I have found Packerland Brokerage to be very helpful and supportive with my business every step of the way. Packerland Brokerage will be my Broker-Dealer for the rest of my career."

Bob P.
Registered Representative