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Adviser Transition Guide

Services For an Efficient Transition

Packerland Brokerage Services has designed a transition process that is an essential foundation to building a successful long-term relationship with you. With some advanced planning we can help to create a seamless transition, cut your costs, and eliminate aggravation – all while shortening the process with no interruption in your licensing.

We’ll work hard to ensure your move to Packerland Brokerage Services is your last. The Packerland transition team provides key transition services, including:

  • Training to ensure you are comfortable with Packerland’s forms and procedures
  • Helping with organizing and completing client paperwork
  • Assisting with ACAT transfers
  • Helping with registration and licensing materials, including the U-4 and insurance appointments
  • Assisting with transferring your client database using IT resources to streamline paperwork
  • Training on trading software if the brokerage platform is part of your business model

Resources - Transition Guide

Packerland Brokerage’s transition guide outlines our transition process, including pre-registration, onboarding, frequently asked questions, and more. To access the guide, click on the PDF link located in the upper right hand corner of this page (related files) and download the file.