September 02, 2022

Packerland Brokerage Services is deeply saddened that our dear friend and Field Technology Specialist, Jason Briggs, passed away on July 5, 2022.

Because of Jason's close relationships with many of our representatives, some of you have already reached out to us to ask how they can help Jason's family. This fundraiser was created as a response to your requests. The funds from this page will go directly to Jason's family and be used to assist with expenses following Jason's death.

Jason was an upbeat, outgoing, and gregarious person that touched all of us in the home office in a positive way. His relationships with the team and with our representatives went beyond professional – to know Jason was to be his friend. He was always amongst the first people in the office to wish everyone good morning, almost as if he was making sure everyone was doing OK (personally, professionally, or technically). His positive and optimistic attitude, ability to listen, and witty sense of humor always made Jason a great person to start your day with. He was constantly brimming with the discovery of a new idea, tales of a new problem solved, or curiosity about his next challenge and was eager to share what he’d learned with others. To say that Jason was a distilled version of all the qualities that make the entire home office team at Packerland so great would not be an overstatement, and his absence is going to leave a giant hole at Packerland.

Jason was hired by Packerland in 2019 after working in a similar role at another broker-dealer. He was an incredibly bright and dedicated employee who didn’t see his role as being constrained by a job description. His main duties at the home office included assisting representatives with our third-party technology solutions and ensuring that our home office systems were in good order. However, Jason’s strong work ethic and drive to assist other people meant that he’d help with any problem in any department at any time. As many of our representatives know, Jason would often help with IT problems outside of his role at Packerland, including on nights and weekends. He was a person you wanted to have in the room with you, as his problem-solving skills and keen ability to understand systems made even the most difficult of challenges seem simple. As one employee was often fond of saying, “Jason gets paid to do exactly what he would be doing if he wasn’t working. He loves this stuff.”

It has been an extremely difficult time for everyone who knew Jason, and he will be dearly missed.

Jason is survived by his wife Shawn (also a Packerland employee) and son Gavin, who are the beneficiaries of this fundraiser.